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Section Main item
Acid & neutralRefractories Shaped burned Alumina Brick, Fire Clay Brick, High Silica Brick, Zircon Brick, SiC Brick, Insulating Brick
unburned High Alumina Brick, Alumina-C Brick, Alumina-MgO-C Brick
Monolithic Castable, Plastic, Stamping Mixes, Ramming Mixes, Spray Mixes, Mortar
Basic Refractories Shaped burned MgO Brick
unburned MgO-C Brick, MgO-Cr Brick
Monolithic MgO Coating Mixes, MgO Stamp Mixes, Dolomite Stamp Mixes, MgO Spray Mixes

Refractories for Kiln Furniture

Section Main Business item
Sagger For Cathode Materials Applied synthesization of cathode materials (LC, NCM, NCA…etc)
For Ceramic Calcination Applied calcination of ceramic raw materials(alumina/zircon ball), heat treatment of inorganic coloring pigments

Fine Ceramics

Section Main Business item Main Business item
Functional Fine Ceramics Alumina Disc
Alumina Crucible
Ceramic Pipe Lining & Elbow
Ceramic Roller
Spherical Alumina
Water/Sanitary Faucets
Firing Heat-treatment Crucible and Various Research Purposes
Particulate Material Conveying Purposes
Filler for improving the thermal conductivity

Mineral Block

Section Main Business item Application
Mineral Block Universal Supports fattening up calves and the development of muscle and skeletal structure of cows
Helps strengthening immune system, promotes cows’ appetite, and also prevents birth deformities
Functionality For Bullocks Prevents possible urolith after castration
For dairy cattles Contains large amount of calcium and phosphorus which are essential for cattles

Equipment & Construction Equipment

Classified Main item Application
Electric furnace and industrial furnace Industrial Furnaces - Tunnel Type Furnace
- Tundish Nozzle Change Cassette System, Small Electric Furnace for Testing
- Other Steel Making and Preheating Equipments
Steel Making Equipments - Aluminum forging system
- Tundish Nozzle Change Cassette System, Other Steel Making and Preheating Equipments
Steelmaking facilities and construction equipment forrefractories Gunning & Spray Machines - EAF Repair Machine in Hot Condition, Ladle Repair Machine in Hot Condition
- Dry-type Spray Machine, Various Industrial Spray Machine etc.
Mixer - Continuance Castable & Mortar Mixer
Various Installation Machines   - Automatic Brick Cutter, Lifter & Hoister, Stamping Machine
- Other Various Installation Machines and Equipments
Industrial Automation Equipments Transport and Logistic Automation Equipments - Bogie, Lifter, Conveyor, Winder, Rewinder
Other Industrial Equipments & Machines - Pressure Vessel, Hydraulic Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment